This is what our customers think of us:

Bianca A.-K.:

I also want to thank you for your kindness and for taking care of my son. I will recommend your institution, since we have been getting along pretty well. In addition to that I want to applaud the teachers, for I know that Sebastian can be very difficult and that his behaviour has been very demanding for them. We are very sad that we have to leave the group.

Sheila M.:

The girls have enjoyed their time at Kinderkrippe Laterne and we shall be sorry to leave.

Bärbel P.:

Bruno and I really liked your nursery and we are very sad to say goodbye. Thank you for everything!!! Best of luck to you and your nursery.

Ivone H.:

… thank you very much for taking care of my daughter, she has learned lots of new things, which are really important for the development of a child. She also has made significant progress in the course of the year. Thank you for everything!

Elfriede and Patrick F.-M.:

Thank you very much for taking care of Anna, who always felt safe and sound with you.

Mr and Mrs L.:

We were very pleased with you taking care of our daughter in your institution.

Roselyn S.:

Thank you very much for your kind support …

Katrin N.

Thank you very much for taking care of Erik and I applaud to your teachers!

Rabia D.:

… since our daughter really felt confortable with you and we were glad to see that your teachers were sensitive and competent.

Caroline von M.-B.:

We had a good time and thank you for taking care of my child.