“I am unique”

It is very important to us to take your children seriously and to support their individuality. We respect and encourage them, and by this they are able to feel self-confident.

“I am precious”

Your children’s self-esteem is our primary educational goal, so that they are able to achieve a positive outlook on life. Due to group dynamics your children learn that they are responsible for their behaviour and how to control it. In our Kinderhaus your children have the opportunity to act on their own. Children have their own pace of development, that is why we treat each of your children individually.

“I am part of a group”

It is our resposibility to assign tasks appropriate to your children’s state of development. Our teachers cooperate with your children in creating sensible rules and limitations and they see to it that your children strick to the rules. Your children’s interaction with other children helps them train and develop their social skills. We treat your children with due respect and enable them to establish relationships.

By being in a group your children learn to understand the feelings and motifs of others, to speak up for themselves and to cope with disappointments. We teach your children different ways to solve not only their own conflicts, but also those of others. We help your children to develop their ability to communicate by teaching them to express themselves, to hear others out, to listen and to ask questions. They also learn to stick together and to stand up for others.

“I help people”

Our teachers encourage your children and set them an example of being able to empathise, having regards for others, the willingness to help, and accepting responsibility for their actions. Your children achieve the ability to work with others by playing with other children, but also by setting the table together or by decorating the classroom. One of our educational goals is to make your children understand the importance of nature and the environment.

“I have an opinion”

We teach your children how to make sensible decisions and to accept a social responsibility for themselves and others. Our teachers discuss ethical topics with your children as soon as these occur, triggered by recent events.

“I am tolerant”

Children learn how to be tolerant by playing, arguing, and making friends with children from another cultural background and to approach them as they would do with children of their own culture. We create a social environment appropriate for your children’s age.

“I am smart”

We provide your children with a variety of learning possibilities and we make sure that they have a say in creating an efficient learning environment. We give your children enough space to unfold their creativity and to discover their surroundings. We help your children to develop a point of view of their own by means of daily activities.

We teach your children to develop their own study stategies by learning and understandig what is taught to them and how it is taught. By pondering and keeping track of their own learning process your children are encouraged to think about what they have been taught. Therefore, your children can use the study strategies they have already acquired to fulfil other tasks. We trust in you, the parents, and we always try to establish a partnership between you and us.